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Meet The Team


Bo Varga

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Based out of Silicon Valley, Bo Varga (MBA) practice includes technology commercialization, business partnerships, grants & funding

Bo has strong start up / early stage project experience, co-founded five start ups, and consults to investors, government agencies and large corporations in the United States and Internationally

​His current work includes space focused antennas, electrolyzers, fuel cells, small satellites, and space platform technology ecosystems and use cases – mobile, orbital, & stationaryHis focus areas include Advanced Materials, Space/Dual Use Power and Long Health technologies

Bo has worked with companies to file DOD, DOE, NASA, NSF, & USDA grant applications.

His experience includes projects in batteries, solar, wind, power converters & water purification, with business understanding of catalysts, membranes, and thin films


Yash Rawal

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Based near New York City, Yash Rawal, (MSc Finance, BEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering) works with technology providers, manufacturers and end users for projects in the Space & Aerospace Sectors Globally

His experience includes projects in Satellite Robotics, Satellite Motion Control and Special Materials for Spacecraft. He has also worked for projects in the Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Oil & Gas, Semiconductors and Telecommunication sectors

His focus areas and expertise include global market expansion, market entry, business development, angel investments, venture capital and venture acceleration

His prior work includes Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions and Enterprise Business Development



Based in Europe, Jesus has worked with technologies for the European Space Agency (ESA) for over 10 years

He has lived in Spain, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and France and has Space Engineering and Materials Chemistry degrees, MBAs, and along with more than 25 years experience in space related technologies and markets. 

He has been CEO, CTO and BDM of various Space companies and  was involved in launchers, space stations, ECLSS, in on-orbit operations, power, mechanism and structures for spacecrafts, propulsion, thermal control, datalink, telecom and ground control.

Past projects include design of Orbital Outpost LEO station, high dimensionally stable structures as ESA advisory for MTG, GAIA, LISA, XMM, HERST-Plank, development of advanced thermal control for various space launchers X38, FLPP, planetary rovers, and the development of instruments and equipment such as ISS BIOLAB, TRIBOLAB, COSMIC. 





Dr. Srivastava was Senior Scientist and Technical Leader of Computational Nanotechnology Investigation at NASA Ames Research Center.  He has a Ph.D. in Physics from the Quantum Theory Project at University of Florida, Gainesville, Fla.


He has 25+ years of experience in large-scale modeling and simulations of nanomaterials, processes and applications involving fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, graphene, hydrocarbon reactions on diamond surfaces, and Si, SiC, and SiGe epitaxial growth with reactive molecular dynamics, quantum tight-binding molecular dynamics and time-dependent Monte Carlo methods, respectively. 

He was Co-Winner of Feynman Prize (Theory) in 1997, won the NASA Ames Contractor Council Award in 1998, two veridian Medal Paper Authorship awards in 1999, NASA Group Excellence Award to IPT in 2000, and The Eric Reissener Medal in 2002 for distinguished contributions to nanoscience and carbon nanotubes. 

​During 10+ years at NASA Ames he published 100+ technical papers and gave 100+ invited talks on computational materials design, nanotechnology, nanomaterials and nanoelectronics for aerospace and defense applications.

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Jim hurd

Jim is a native of Washington DC, where he has a strong relationships network, and graduated from George Washington University and now lives in Silicon Valley. His expertise include Washington DC Political & Agency relationships and High Technology Strategic Alliances

Jim Hurd has a track record of building strategic alliances this century, primarily in for start up and early revenue companies in advanced/nano materials, cleantech, and space infrastructure.  He brings companies to Fortune 100 corporations, investors and to US government innovation initiatives to develop business relationships and funding.

Jim has held leadership positions for a silicon valley family office, silicon valley Li-ion battery technology company, Israeli-American energy management software company, bio-mass technology integrator and has also been a keynote speaker at numerous events over the last 20 years



Bruce Carsten is an innovator and early adopter of many
modern power and energy related technologies. He has 40+ Years of experience in the 
switch mode field with over 50 published papers and twelve patents

His experience includes projects in converters, amplifierstransformers, power modules and low voltage logic

His focus areas and expertise include developing a novel modular scalable ac to dc power converter for data centres, fast chargers, factory automation and wind power working with NCSU, NSF Energy Research Center with DOE Funding. He is also working on using YBCO Superconducting tape to create a novel solid state transformer

His work includes designs for novel high power SiC Semiconductors, Sensors and modular, scalable high power double pulse inductors

Since 1995, he has presented over 120 design seminars in 9 countries, including 14 states in the US

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