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Space Venture Lab - Current Projects

Our Current Advisory and Consulting Projects Include:

1. Extended Reality Software for Training, Mission Planning, Mission C3, Telerobotics

- NASA Funded, I-Corps Program 3/27/23 to 5/11/23

2. Other Software Proposals

a. Digital Twin in Professional Metaverse

b. Autonomous Rocket Operations

c. Bio-Mimetic Evolutionary AI

3. Regenerable Fuel Cells for Energy Storage

4. Water Electrolyzer - Europe

5. Electro-Magnetic Fields Prototyping Platform - Core and Periphery Winding Options

- EMI Sniffer, Ge Transistors for Solid State Switching

6. Energy Storage using HTS Tape - design concept

7. Radiation Deflection using HTS Tape - design concept

8. Neutron Detector / Water Snooper - Europe, South Pole Luna

9. Lunar Rover - Light Weight - Europe


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