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Space Platforms Monthly

Our goal is to provide the most relevant and succinct information as a free subscription for a Monthly Review of Stationary, Orbital, Transportable Space Platforms including interviews with entrepreneurs, investors, national space agencies with content focusing on Leo, cisLunar, Lunar, Lagrange, GEO, Mars, 16 Psyche, current and future initiatives

Space Platforms monthly includes:

(1) One in depth space platform review per month, real, future, or visionary

(2) One interview each month with a company, entrepreneur, or investor

(3) Relevant news items prior month of publication including conferences, grants, contracts, investments,

(4) Curated content from subscribers, correspondents, sponsors, and

(5) Subscriber proposed content relevant to the emerging space platform economy and ecology.

Subscribe to our Space Platforms Monthly

Thanks for subscribing! We will email you a brief form and publishing schedule to understand your interests. We welcome your feedback!

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