Application Reports

An application report is a technology/product/market study, typically assembled from both primary and secondary sources and including technical input from subject matter experts to enable understanding a field for competitive analysis, market entry, or product purchase.

In general reports take three to six months people time and are driven by a client requirement but can also be created as a multi-client study.

Some of our work:

1. Silicon Carbide Materials Report:


Exhaustive report including research on Substrate Wafers, Epi Wafers, Implant, & Anneal; Current Tools, Processes, Chemistries, New Technologies;  2020 Information (Structured Data), 2025 Professional Opinion, 2030 Projections.


Report includes 10 year forward market unit and dollar revenue projections.Relevance was SiC Wide Band Gap power electronics revenue achieving $1 B projected to grow to $10 B by 2030 based on EV, RE, and grid power converter markets.

2. Gen2 High Temperature Superconductors:


Report with focus on ocus on foundry tools, cables, magnets, and transformers and applications such as maglev, magnetic shielding, mass drivers, main grid, MRI, scientific instruments.