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Application Reports

An application report is a technology/product/market study, typically assembled from both primary and secondary sources and including technical input from subject matter experts to enable understanding a field for competitive analysis, market entry, or product purchase.

In general reports take three to six months people time and are driven by a client requirement but can also be created as a multi-client study.

Some of our work:

1. Silicon Carbide Materials Report:


Exhaustive report including research on Substrate Wafers, Epi Wafers, Implant, & Anneal; Current Tools, Processes, Chemistries, New Technologies;  2020 Information (Structured Data), 2025 Professional Opinion, 2030 Projections.


Report includes 10 year forward market unit and dollar revenue projections.Relevance was SiC Wide Band Gap power electronics revenue achieving $1 B projected to grow to $10 B by 2030 based on EV, RE, and grid power converter markets.

2. Gen2 High Temperature Superconductors:


Report with focus on foundry tools, cables, magnets and transformers as well as applications such as maglev, magnetic shielding, mass drivers, main grid, MRI, nuclear electric propulsion, nuclear thermal propulsion, rail guns and scientific instruments

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