Silicon Valley, October 30, 2019:  WBGS (WBGlobalSemi, Inc.) announces filing of provisional US patent for High Pulse Energy Modular Inductor (HPEMI) for use in research, product development, and fabrication testing of  Wide Band Gap Silicon Carbide (SiC) semiconductors, power modules, and products.

Bruce Carsten, CTO of Power Converters, stated, "We think this provisional patent encompasses a high value testing and measurement instrument that will enable engineers, scientists, and lab and fab technicians to directly measure the exact voltage, current, on switching loss, off switching loss, frequency, and avalanche breakdown of  semiconductors, power modules, and products from 1,000 Volts to 50,000 Volts and 150 Amps to 2,400 Amps by adding modules to the HPEMI test instrument.  


The HPEMI has the smallest footprint and highest energy concentration enabled by current materials resulting in a very small form factor per module.


One module can measure up to 3,000 Volts and 150 Amps which is adequate for many uses addressing the existing renewable energy and emerging electrical vehicle market.  Our VP International Business recently visited China and Japan and it seems that 100+ companies plan to play in the 1 kV, 1.2 kV, and 1.7 kV SiC domain, with 3.3 kV emerging in the next several years, followed by adoption of 6.5 kV and then 10 kV for heavy e-transport, fast chargers, microgrids, and smart grids. One modular, scalable, reconfigurable test platform, where the user can buy a base system and add modules as needed, seems a better solution than buying or building multiple single use instruments.


Initially I designed the HPEMI for in-house use so we can measure a wide range of semiconductors, power modules, and products, however with the grown of the SiC market from $10 million to $1 billion in the past decade and anticipated growth to $10 billion by 2030 we think a number of research labs, product development labs, and fabrication & manufacturing facilities can benefit from using a HPEMI."


To learn more about our High Pulse Energy Modular Inductor (HPEMI), click here.

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Silicon Valley, October 1, 2019:  WBGS (WBGlobalSemi, Inc.) announces filing of provisional US patent for an Enhanced Power Module (XMOD) using Wide Band Gap (WBG) Silicon Carbide (SiC) semiconductors.

Sam Ochi, VP Engineering, stated, "We think this provisional patent encompasses at least three important intellectual properties that will be valuable for companies and engineers developing power electronics semiconductors, power modules, and products - as high frequency, low noise, and very high over voltage/current protection is required for existing and emerging applications.  Our technology road map is to deliver up to 1,000 V/ns protection for Wide Band Gap (WBG) semiconductors, circuits, and power modules,  with the potential to achieve up to 10,000 V/ns in the 2020s.


My 47 years of gate drive and power semiconductor experience, combined with the 50 years of power converter experience from Bruce Carsten, our CTO: Power Converters, has enabled us to tackle some  very difficult technical problems, including implementing the Frauenhofer Model for multi-level power  converters to connect large power module systems by WBGS using low cost copper cabling rather than lasers, fiber optic cabling, and photovoltaic cells to transfer power from module to module.


We plan to minimize EMI while using copper and deliver a lot more power, versus the efficiency of a fiber optic system which is in the 20% - 30% range for short fiber.


Further, we expect our Universal Gate Drive with Advanced Protection circuitry will enable us to get enhanced performance from current best in class Texas Instruments or Infineon Si gate drives.  We will reduce the gate drive and enhanced circuitry to a two chip SiC implementation down stream to enable performance at higher temperatures than Si gate drives allow."


To learn more about our advanced power module, XMOD, click here.

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