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August 6-8:  WBGS Team at Power America's 2019 Wide Bandgap Summer Workshop, Raleigh, North Carolina

Silicon Valley, CA 8/4/19 

WBGS presents product plans for CY 2020: “The first 18 months our 8 person team focused on advanced SiC WBG power designs, including gate drives, prototyping environments, power modules, flyback converters, and BJTs. Our technology roadmap starts with using commercial SiC 3.3 kV, 50 A MOSFETs, gate drive, and SiC SBD in a novel High Power Design System (HPDS) architecture with user CCC, power CCC, and Power Module (XMOD) for release in second half CY 2020. We expect to deliver faster switching, lower noise, and enhanced protection than is currently available,” per Bo Varga, VP Business Development.

“We need a Modular Double Pulse Test Inductor (MDPTI) in order to measure exact switching speeds and switching losses for 1.2 kV – 50 kV WBG semiconductors with current ranging from 10 A – 150 A. Product release is planned for first half, 2020.”


Bruce Carsten, CTO: Power Circuits & Converters has a long track record of delivering advanced tools, circuits, and power converters. VP Engineering, Sam Ochi has designed 35 commercial gate drives and over 100 analog, digital, mixed signal, and power semiconductors.

Check out our Products and Designs: 2020.


June 3-5:  WBGS Team to Attend Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019, The Hague, the Netherlands

Silicon Valley, CA 6/1/19 

WBGlobalSemi, Inc, invited to present as an Energy delegate at the annual Global Entrepreneurs Summit, The Hague, Netherlands, June 3-5.

For Energy US delegates see:  


According to Sam Ochi, VP Engineering, “We were invited to the GES19 event based on our success as a winner at the NASA Energy Innovation Competition in New York June 14, 2018.


I will focus on how our Silicon Carbide semiconductor and power product designs can enable a better electrical future. Our technology is applicable to aerospace, EV, RE, main grid, microgrid, and industrial applications AND we have started exploring the SiC digital IC space. 

I am attending the Entrepreneurs Summit to connect with possible business, investor, and technology partners.  People with a serious interest in power electronics should attend the Power America Institute February Annual Meeting or the August Summer Workshop, August 6 -8, 2019 North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

SiC power has grown from $10 M revenue in 2010 to a projected $1 B revenue in 2020 and 2030 projections range from $10 B to $15 B revenue.  We think SiC digital has the potential to become a large market, based on the same basic realities as SiC power. SiC power systems are smaller, lighter, much more efficient, and much higher temperature tolerant than Si power systems.  This reduces mass, volume, complexity, and system cost by reducing or removing the need for active cooling systems. AND we see good research to show that SiC memories, ASICS, CPUs, DSPs, and FPGAs can start delivering similar benefits around 2025.”

WBGlobalSemi, Inc. is a start up company focused on designing and developing better electrical futures.  We are designing next generation SiC power systems enabled by next generation SiC power semiconductors and ICs.  Our eight person team has combined 30+ years business experience, 150+ years power electronics experience ,and 67 patents earned while working at various companies or self filed.  We see high value IP can be gained in the SiC power, digital, analog, mixed signal domains, working with our world class science advisors and research universities.

For further information, please contact Avery Lu, Senior Director Business Development or Bo Varga, VP Business Development 

WBGSGES2019Final - slide 6.jpg
WBGSGES2019Final - slide 10.jpg

February 12-14:  WBGS Team to Attend PowerAmerica 2019 Annual Meeting

Bo Hammarlund, VP Global Business Development, Bruce Carsten, CTO: Power Circuits & Systems, Sam Ochi, VP Engineering, and Bo Varga, CEO & VP Marketing will attend the Power America Annual Meeting to be held 2/12/19 – 2/14/19 at NCSU, Raleigh, NC.


According to Bo Varga: “Our goal is to meet with leading researchers and companies in the Wide Band Gap SiC space to socialize our thinking and designs for advanced power switch and gate driver semiconductors as well as SiC driven power converters and products.  The massive projected growth in SiC semiconductors and products is driven by the entire range analog and increasingly mixed signal and digital semiconductors and devices being developed in the US and around the world.  We are targeting high end, high value products, with the goal of partnering with a US semiconductor firm that sees the large market potential for new SiC semiconductors.  In turn we are designing power converters and products that will be enabled by new SiC semiconductors.”


To meet us in Raleigh February 10th - 14th please contact


October 23-25:  Innovation Challenge Pitch-Presentation and Showcase, Defense Tech Connect - Tampa, Florida

Please visit our exhibition booth #320TW on Tuesday, 10/23 & Wednesday, 10/24 to meet our CEO, Bo Varga and VP of Engineering, Sam Ochi. 


Bo and Sam will be presenting @ 2:45 pm, EDT, Wednesday, 10/24 on "High power, high performance Silicon Carbide Electronics for aerospace, main grid, micro grid, heavy traction, industrial applications".  You won't want to miss this opportunity!!!

Here's a backgrounder about who WBGlobalSemi is and what we are all about!

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