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Business Development

We assist companies in the Space and Power Sectors identify customers & collaborators, market their solution, create business opportunities, generate revenues and achieve scale. 

Our process includes:

1. Research

2. Marketing & Sales

3. Market Testing

4. Traction & Scaling

Our experience includes Business Partnerships; Business Strategy; Commercialization Plans; Cross Border Business (especially Canada, EU, India, Japan, South Korea); Funding – contracts, convertible notes, grants, NRE, private equity; Market Research, Marketing; Product / Technology Evaluation and Research Institute Partnerships with a particular focus on Implementation (doing, not just knowing).

Grant Applications:

We have also filed successful grant applications and help clients develop robust commercialization plans for ARPA-E, DOE, DOD, NSF and NASA grants since 2017. 

Current work in process includes launched mass recycling RFI, radiation shielding, and water purification in space.

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