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WBGS was founded 2018 to focus on the design, development, and prototyping of advanced SiC-based power sensors, modules, converters, and test & measurement instrumentation. Our primary vision is higher performance at lower cost, mass, volume, and energy loss than current, legacy power architectures, circuits, designs, and products.  Our senior team has 20+ to 50+ years in their areas of competence.  We seek business partners, development partners, and investors interested in our designs, prototypes, and IP.


We want to accelerate innovation in the adoption of SiC based power products in the USA, primarily through getting optimum performance from commercial SiC MOSFETS and SBDs. We see major value and commercial opportunities in SiC gate drives, sensors, and other semiconductors, initially in our leading edge products where the lack forces us to adopt “good enough” designs.

We have helped establish a SiC semiconductor foundry in US and are helping to establish an SiC epi foundry in US, primarily to fill the need for rapid prototyping, fast turn foundries to accelerate USA SiC-based innovation.


We are working to partner with leading USA R&D groups and seek business partners to manufacture, market, and sell products we have in design and development, and joint development where appropriate.  We address emerging power electronics pain points.

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