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Purple Glow


Abstract Linear Background

Meet Yash at LSIC Spring Meeting 

Lunar Surface Innovation Consortium

Johns Hopkins University - April 24-25 

Contact Yash to arrange a meeting

Meet Bo at Space Resources Annual Workshop 

School of Mines, Golden, CO - June 6-9 

Contact Bo to arrange a meeting

Meet Bo and Yash at Ascend 2023

Las Vegas, October 23 - 25

Contact us to arrange a meeting

What We Do

We assist companies in the Space and Power sectors to research, launch and scale their products, technologies and businesses

We have been active consultants to commercial space companies since 2014 and SiC Power Electronics for decades


Our focus areas include LEO ("Lower Earth Orbit") applications, Energy Production, Advanced Materials, Robotic & Peopled Platforms and Communication Systems

Abstract Futuristic Background


Our Services include Research, Venture Marketing, Market Testing, Traction & Scaling

The Milky Way


We also provide comprehensive consulting services for NASA and other US Government Technology Grant Applications

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